By Akinwale Kasali

Few hours after the news of the death of Tinsel star, Victor Olaotan, another Nollywood actor and pioneer member of the Board of Directors of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, Prince Ifeanyi Dike, was said to have died after long battle with Kidney failure.

The Imo State actor had been battling with kidney failure for years until former Governor Babatunde Fashola came to his aid; leading to his surgery in India.

Though the surgery was successful, but his life was never the same until he gave up the ghost yesterday.

Following the success of his surgery some insiders who spoke to this medium revealed that he has not been the same ever since.

This is a heavy blow to the Nollywood industry who are yet to come to terms with the numerous deaths it has experienced over this period.

Reactions has however trailed the deaths on the Make believe industry, with some calling for a spiritual cleansing of the industry, while call for the actors to have a well planned good lifestyle.

For Femi Oluwatosin, a lover of the industry, he believes that the poor and wayward lifestyle of the actors is one of the problems they are ah informed leading to their early and sudden demise.

“They don’t take care of themselves. I doubt if there is any healthcare insurance or facilities in place for them, this are the major problem.

“Some of them live wayward lifestyle. They drink, smoke and do drugs indiscriminately leading to them having all this ailment. To avert such occurrences, all this aforementioned need to be put in place”.

For Chinelo Uchegbulam, she is of the opinion that the industry need to move closer to God and choose a day they will all come together and have a National day of prayer.

“This is so sad. Seven deaths within a month is strange. They need spiritual cleansing in the industry. The type of films they do unravel and expose occultic kingdoms, which will turn affect them. They need to pray fervently and move closer to God.

Michael Akeju, a Presenter and Stand Up Comedian says that it is glaring that the evil forces is trying to disorganize the industry with deaths and put fear into the minds of the actors.

He said the industry needs prayers from all Nigerians because their movies have impacted our lives positively in one way or the other, stressing that the insult needs prayers from all quarters.

“This industry needs prayers. This one death too many”, he said.