Mauricio Pochettino talks about his excitement about the injection of young talent that he believes will refresh the Tottenham project.

When Tottenham reached the Champions League final in June, there was talk from Mauricio Pochettino himself of this being the end of a cycle. But on a fresh August morning on the eve of the club’s game against Newcastle, the Tottenham manager has a spring in his step after stopping Manchester City’s winning run last weekend.

A new cycle is beginning now.

For the first time in a long time, the Spurs squad has been replenished with top young talent. Ryan Sessegnon, 19, is a player of huge potential. Pochettino’s gifted countryman Giovani Lo Celso, 23, is eager to make his full debut too. Tanguy Ndombele, 22, has already made an impact. The ages are worth mentioning because they are significant.

“It is always exciting to work with young players,” says Pochettino. It shows our project and our philosophy here. It is how we operate. We have identified good players with the capacity to prove that they can play here for Tottenham and help the team to regenerate with that energy that you always need if you want to regenerate a team.